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v-series sports bra is designed to give optimal performance and comfort for exercise enthusiasts. It utilizes Polyester – Spandex blend fabric as the main material which gives it the stretchability, durability and softness ideal for workout outfits. Equipped with comfort-enabling characteristics such as high waist, mesh fabric linings, and moisture-wicking fabric, It fully exhibits comfort and avoids unwanted hassles and discomforts. Each set purchased includes a sports bra perfect for cup sizes A-C and a high waist leggings. Enjoy the fun of working out with Revel Sports Bra and Leggings Set.

V-Series Sports Bra for Women – Seamless with High Impact Support Active Wear – Polyester and Spandex for Exercise Yoga Fitness and Gym

High Quality Fabrics – Revel Sports Bra aimed to create an optimal workout outfit for women. The sports bra is made with polyester/spandex blend fabric. Poly-spandex fabric is well known for being stretchable and durable, making it ideal for vigorous physical activities. Compared to other fabrics being used, poly-spandex fabric perfectly returns to normal size and shape after being stretched. Aside from these characteristics, Poly-spandex fabric is resistant to abrasion and effect of body oil and perspiration.

Comfortable Design – To fully exhibit an optimal workout outfit for women, Revel Sports bra is also designed to highlight comfort during usage. The sports bra is equipped with 100% Polyurethane perforated foam and moisture wicking fabric which both enhances the comfortable feel of the sports bra. It is also equipped with poly-spandex mesh lining that enhance the breathability between the sports bra and the skin.

Moisture Wicking Fabric – Revel sports bra is equipped with one of the most preferred quality characteristics for sports bra which is the moisture-wicking capability. As a Revel sports bra is equipped with it, moisture, such as sweat, is easily transported by the fabric away from the skin. This improves the comfort by keeping the temperature cooler as well keep the skin dry. For some with sensitive skin, this characteristic helps avoid skin rashes and itching.

Perfect for Beginners and Athletes – Being durable, stretchable, and comfortable, it is no doubt that Revel sports bra is an ideal and optimal outfit for workout. It allows you to perform vigorous exercises without any worries. From its materials that exhibit superior durability, its characteristics that keeps a comfortable environment during workout, yoga, or training and its stretchability that supports almost any movement, Revel is absolutely one of the top brands for workout outfits.

Inclusions Per Set – Every purchase of Revel Sports Bra includes 1 piece sports bra perfect for cup sizes A-C. The sports bra is equipped with a wide elastic band under the breast for support.