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Revel Sport Mask is a premium-grade sports mask engineered using high-performance UA materials with the goal of providing a comfortable and safe mask for sport athletes and people who love exercising and working out. Its design allows you to customize the mask to your nose area with its adjustable nose clip. Utilizing a new 3-layer system, Revel Sports Mask can filter air and remain cool while in contact with sweaty skin. Its design also exhibits an enhanced breathability design by giving sufficient space between the mask and the nose. This unisex and simple designed mask can physically and aesthetically fit most adult men and women.

Revel Athletic Sports Mask with 3 Layer System – Enhanced Breathability and Adjustable Nose Clip with Antimicrobial Property for Gym Workout and Exercise – Perfect for Men, Women, and  Athletes

3 Layer System – Revel Sport mask is equipped with the latest 3-layer system that prioritizes the comfort of the user and the quality of the mask itself. First layer is called the space fabric layer which creates the structure of the mask and provides space between the mask and the mouth and nose for easier breathing. Second layer is the open cell foam which is installed to block moisture from passing while filtering the air. The last layer is the UA Iso-Chill layer which gives off a cool feeling once it touches the skin. It also stretches making it a suitable ear strap.

Comfortable and Breathable  – Thanks to its 3-layer design, Revel Sport Mask is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable mask designs available in the market. Its UA Iso-Chill layer was proven to remain cool while in contact with your  skin even with sweat and moisture, avoiding skin irritations. In addition to its enhanced breathability thanks to its space fabric layer, an adjustable nose clip is perfectly positioned in the mask allowing you to customize fit the mask in your nose area.

Ideal for Athletes – Revel Sports Mask, as its name suggests, is especially engineered for athletes and people who love working out. With its third layer that can remain cool even with sweat and moisture, which is usual during exercises and workouts, it is very preferable to use to maintain focus and comfort. With the addition of the adjustable nose clip, your mask can remain in place even during vigorous activities.

Perfect Cover – With regards to the standards for masks, Revel Sport Mask is compliant and can properly cover the area from the nose to the chin. The sides of the mask is also secured to fit properly, leaving no space for air particles to pass through without being filtered. It has a unisex design and can fit most adult men and women. Aesthetic wise, it has a simple but sporty appearance, perfect for your sporty heart.

Reusable – Revel Sport Mask is not only equipped with comfortable features but also with health safety features. To keep the mask fresh and free from microorganism (bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.) the second layer (inner layer) of the mask was treated with antimicrobials. Since the outer layers of the mask are water resistant/repellent, you can just sanitize your mask with alcohol, let it dry, and it is ready to be reused.