Is it possible to go viral in 2020?

Why informative, timely, inspiring content with an emotional response makes you more likely to go viral in 2020.

Emotional Response

Jonah Berger, author of the book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On, found the most highly sharable content tended to evoke strong emotions to viewer. In 2010, one of the driving forces behind, Suffolk State of Mind, was that I knew there was a strong emotional response tied to the video.

Be Timely

One of the key factors to make a video jump in virality is understanding current events.

This can be anything from a current event in the world, to a pop culture topic dominating the news or a mixture of both. If you speak the same language as your target audience and present interest in the same topics, they’ll be more likely to share your content.

Be Informative

Your audience is always searching for new information to help them better understand what’s going on in the world. If your video content is interesting and informative, it is also highly sharable. Everyone wants to learn something they didn’t already know, and a video can be a great tool for curating top-notch information.

Be Inspiring

To get the viral edge you want, look for stories to inspire your audience, whether it’s a story of overcoming struggle, standing up in the face of adversity, or portraying a misrepresented hero to the world. Audiences love a good inspirational story, and the more inspirational it is, the more your audience will want to share it with others.

Be Creative

My last point is one, in the information age, people tend to overlook. Having the facts are important but may get ‘vanilla’ over time. Presenting the facts in a fun, easy to understand video is extremely important for long-form, viral content.

Is it possible to go viral in 2020?

If you have the right piece of content and include all the elements above, you could still potentially go viral. Understanding the social platforms and their guidelines plays a huge role in this. In theory, if you were to share blog post which had the video embedded over directly posting to a platform, you may still be able to share truthful information that would normally be censored within the platform itself. 

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