Frequently asked questions

A brand video is an easy solution to populate unique artistically curated content for brand campaigns and paid advertising.


Our pre-packaged brand videos are created with licensed music and footage which our customers can use to form their own campaigns.

The short answer:

A campaign lease is for brands who want to post the video as is. 

An exclusive lease gives you the flexibility to customize the video with your own footage

The long answer:

We created the campaign lease as a simple ready to post video solution for paid advertising. With all lease purchases your permitted to use the content for the length of your campaign or up to three months. After the three months you’re given the option to renew the lease or purchase exclusive use of the video.

Exclusive use gives the creator the flexibility to add their own content with each purchased video. With all exclusive use purchases you’re allowed up to $150k in paid advertising. 

yes! We encourage all the brands we work with to promote the video with their brands logo added to it.

Not at all. When you lease a video with us you’re leasing to use the video for paid advertising. If you’ve finished your campaign and would still like to keep the video on your channel, that’s cool with us.  

All REVEL branded videos are available in HD (1920×1080) resolution with a framerate of 23.976 fps delivered in MP4, 

Yes, all our brand videos for sale are Royalty Free. Royalty Free means you pay to license the brand video and music once upfront, without the need to pay any additional or ongoing fees. 

yes, the best part of a brand lease is it gives you the exclusive use access  to monetize the content on YouTube. 

yes. all our brand videos are pre-packaged to be delivered with licensed music. 

yes, our pre-packaged brand videos come with a standard commercial license which allows for paid advertising. 

we currently aren’t offering refunds on any of our digital products and all sales on digital are final. 

When you purchase a brand video, you are purchasing  the right license to use the song on social. We work with 3rd party companies and artists to clear your brand for paid advertising on social and monetizing the videos.

while our brand videos come pre-packaged and ready to post, we understand creatives and brands may want to feature their own products in each video. If you’re a creative who wants to add your own footage or branding to any of the videos, you’ll want to purchase the exclusive campaign. If you’re brand is just looking to post the video as is or add your logo to the end, we recommend the lease campaign. 

we love to team up with other creatives and brands and produce content for them. If you have an idea or would like to work together on a project, please feel free to contact us! 

Only the vocals to the song. All the voiceovers we write in-house are removed when leasing or purchasing a brand video.

an exclusive campaign gives you the ability to change and customize the video and song choice for your brand. Just a quick heads up, we only cover the licensing and monetizing privileges with the songs originally paired with the video. If you decide to change the song, you would be responsible for the licensing any new music added to the video.


aside from the purchasing options, what separates the videos is the length and style of each video. We offer both commercial and artistic curated videos to help form brand identity. 

if you have any questions about the campaigns or purchasing a video, we’d love to hear from you. you can e-mail any questions you have to

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