The Art of Surrender

If you don't fail, you're not even trying

Denzel Washington

You're Not Alone

If your life changed dramatically within the last year, you’re not alone. In 2019, I was going through one of the hardest times, I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was caught up in a financial game trying to keep my head above water and no matter how hard I worked, I was barely getting by. What started as self-inflicted quickly spiraled into a financial disaster. If you’re going through hardship,  just know, you’re not alone.

The Enteral Battle

We live in a world where people reframe from showing their true self to the world in the mists of being judged. Most people tend to fear the battle, not realizing, it prepares us for the war. I knew if I kept my head down & kept working two jobs, I could do it. But at what cost? I was working 70-80 hrs a week and barely getting by. My overhead was just as much as the money I was making. My attitude quickly turned sour. I was angry at the world but even more than that, I was angry at myself. This in itself, is an enteral battle.


Sometimes you need to re-adjust and refocus to put life back into perspective. At this point in my life, I was miserable. The people I worked with could attest to it. I knew I needed to change something in life, but had no idea where to start. I felt a strong pull out of my job but couldn’t justify leaving financially. Most of the time, the little voice in your head, is meant to help you shift your perspective.

The approach is the destination and we are never finished...

Matthew McConaughey

Far From The Truth

When you find yourself, lost, broke and heartbroken you learn the best lessons in life. I was never rich. I worked for everything I had and in the mists of my personal downfall, I lost it all. It was both a blessing and curse. I never really prayed or even know what the word surrender meant. To say I knew what I was doing, couldn’t be any further from the truth. All I knew was I no longer wanted the life I was living. 

The Art of Surrender

For some reason, people look at the word, surrender as defeat. Well, I was already defeated so let’s give this a shot. I remember the night like it was yesterday outside my apartment. It was cold in the middle of winter and I knew the person I turned into wasn’t the person I was meant to be. It was at this point, I asked the universe for guidance. My exact words were “I don’t what you need to do, but I’m here and I can’t do this anymore. If need me to do something, let’s do it. You have my permission to take control.” It was at this point, my life changed. This is the art of surrender. 

The Shift

I woke up the next morning, late. I’m legitimately always late. As I was driving to work, my mind was racing with ideas. Knowing I have a bad memory, I grew accustomed to recording my thoughts. It’s in those recordings, I had a rough concept of a brand I knew I needed to create. I felt my life shifting.

The story that follows is one you’d hear about in a movie or written by some famous scriptwriter. The only difference was this was real life and crazy one at that. We tend to get distracted & face unprecedented challenges in life. These keep us from finding our true purpose. From my own experience, I’ll tell you, those hardships serve as a wake up call to become the person you meant to be.

What's My Name