fitness & creative partnership

As a fitness influencer for revel, you earn commission based on sales with your id.

As an artist or creative, you earn commission based the products you feature and the videos you’re featured in.

How it works...

creative artist

As a creative, you have the option when partnering with us to either be paid for your work or as commission for your work is purchased for a campaign

fitness influencer

When your partner with us, we give you an id for you and your followers. Anytime your id is used at checkout you will receive commission from the order.

Independent artist

As a featured artist, anytime a video is purchased which your in, you will receive commission from the sale.

creative influencer

Similar to our fitness influencers, when you partner with us as a creator, anyone who uses your id at checkout will receive a discount as well as you receiving commission on every sale.

Frequently asked questions

We designed our fitness & creative partnership, as a way to collaborate with our fitness and creative professionals in a way that’s mutually beneficial. When you partner with us, you’re given a unique id. As a fitness & creative influencer, your id gives a ten percent off to the purchaser as well as a ten percent commission on the sale. This is our way of saying thank you for being an active member of our team.

The amount varies based on the sale. As a revel partner you will receive ten percent of the purchase made on our site. As a featured artist in any of our videos, you will receive ten percent commission based on the sale of the campaign.

This is a great question. We designed this system to be as transparent as possible with our partners. After your user name is in the system, you will be able to check how many times your id was used for purchases, simply by inputing your id. Your id  then scans the system and generates a report based on how many times it was used. At the end of every month, you will receive an e-mail based on how much commission your earned. 

We designed the system to automatically scan your id and perform an audit on how many times you id was used at checkout. After the audit we send a commission payment to you through PayPal. 

Our system is setup to automate with PayPal. As of now, we are currently only accepting members with PayPal accounts for our partnership program. 

If you’re interested in a partnership with us, the best way is to e-mail us at info@localhost. If you’re an influencer or artist, please include a link to your portfolio.